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Modernization, exchange, migration of automation systems based on Simatic S5 to Simatic S7.
We have knowledge, equipment and experience in order to transfer active application from controllers Simatic S5 to Simatic S7.

SIMATIC-S5, was a workhorse PLC for a whole generation of machines and installations. There still are a substantial no of working PLCs SIMATIC S5, which are not produced any more. S5 controllers are really good equipment, but availability of spare parts is not so good, and delivery time can be even over 6 Months (specially for CPUs, specialized PID modules, communication able to replace the whole Hardware with S7 in the cost of replacement of an S5 CPU )





Here are some facts about SIMATIC S5 systems :

• Production of SIMATIC S5 was stopped in year 2003-2005.
o S5- 90U, -95U/F, 100U - 2003
o S5-115U/H/F - 2004
o S5-135U, -155U/H - 2005

• Production of spare parts will be stopped in 2015,
• SIMATIC S5 modules and CPUs are not compatible with SIMATIC S7
• Conversion by "automatic tools" in 90% of cases is not enough.

One of our specialization is, migration (modernization) of control systems based on SIMATIC S5 to the newest systems based on SIMATIC S7 ( or PCS7 ). Successful migration is possible only with engineers, who knows both systems (SIMATIC S5 and SIMATIC S7) extensively. Because of our extensive experience of working on both types of systems, we are in a position to provide a hassle free migration path to our customers, while keeping the shutdown time to a minimum

We work closely with our customers to arrive at an optimum migration solution based on their need and budgets. Some of the migration solutions that we have implemented for our customers are :

• Replacement of Existing Obsolete HMI systems based on COROS / CP-526 / Protool etc. to Latest WinCC / WinCC Flexible    based systems
• Replacement of only the CPU / Central controller with a S7-CPU rack ( In installations where I/O Racks are in good   conditions )
• Replacement of the SIMATIC-S5 with SIMATIC-S7 hardware in existing cabinets ( In applications where field cabling is in    good condition )
• Replacement of complete control cabinets of SIMATIC-S5 with SIMATIC-S7 cabinets

We ensure complex realization - from identification of existing signals, software analysis, through preparation of new electrical documentation, software, hardware engineering to system commisioning and support. Thanks to our many years of experience in creating and servicing of technological lines with the use of Simatic S5 and Simatic S7 we are sure that modernization and replacement of the controllers Simatic S5 to Simatic S7 can be done successfully with minimum shutdown time.


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