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Automation of Tyre & Rubber Industries, banbury mixer, banbury automation
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Automation of Tyre & Rubber Industries, banbury mixer, banbury automation
Rubber & Tyre Industries

We can provide end to end solutions for all stages of manufacturing in Rubber based industries like manufacturing of Tyres, Tubes & Hoses. The range of our expertise includes the successful commissioning of the following :

Banbury Mixers with following features :

-Automatic Weighing & Batching with Std Recipes
- Automatic Banbury Cycle with Std Programs
- Automatic Batch Control

Generation of Cycle Reports & Batch Reports

•Chemical Preparation
•Fabric Coating Line

Calendar Lines ( 3 Roll & 4 Roll ) with following features:
- All Drives and I/Os on communication Bus
- Central Referencing from PLC
- Dancer Control
- Winder Tension Control
- Winder Length and Dia Calculations
- Roll Gap Control
- Roll Heating System Control
•Bias Cutter Lines
•Extruder Lines ( Simplex, Duplex & Triplex )
•Auto Skievers
•Tyre Building Machines

•Curing Presses with following features :
- Fully Automatic Recipe based control
- Local HMI at each press for Operator
- Common SCADA for each line
- Report Generation
•Chemical Preparation
•Tyre Testing Machines
•Centralised SCADA for Overall Plant monitoring
•Uplinking with ERP System



Automation of Tyre & Rubber Industries, banbury mixer, banbury automation
Banbury Mixer
banbury Mixer, banbury automation
Banbury Mixer Control
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Automation of Tyre & Rubber Industries, banbury mixer, banbury automation
4Roll Calander Line
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Tyre Curing Press
Tyre Curing Press
Tyre manufacturing automation
Curing Press Control
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banbury automation
Banbury Mixer Recipe
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